Viris Clarke-Ellis
M.Ed.; Dip. Ed, Science Education, University of the West Indies
Bsc, Marine Biology and Chemistry, University of the West Indies

Viris is an experienced, competent, accomplished, successful speech coach capable of training in an interesting, creative manner. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) – (DTM -The highest designation given by Toastmasters International to Toastmasters who have mastered the art of public speaking and leadership). She has been an executive member of the club, area and division level of Toastmasters International.

She has designed and conducted numerous professional development training as well as arranged and conducted hundreds of workshops on Public Speaking, Protocol, Events Planning, Professionalism and Media Management. She is comfortable speaking to any audience.

Her passion is Public Speaking and she has authored a book on the subject – Public Speaking ….the art made simple

A graduate of the University of the West Indies she holds a Masters of Education degree in Science Education, a post graduate Diploma in the teaching of Biology and a Bachelors degree in Marine Biology and Chemistry

She is a confident, versatile speech coach.

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